A medical questionnaire to help you and your doctor.

Saving You & Your Doctor Time

The questionnaire is designed to give your doctor (or other medical professionals) as much information about you as possible.

It should be quicker for your doctor to read this questionnaire, than it will be for them to ask you lots of questions.

It also gives you the chance to think about your answers, rather than trying to answer quickly, where you might forget something important!

So download the questionnaire, print it out, and get together with a good friend or make it a family activity and do your bit to help your doctor.

The Questionnaire Covers

  • Your Personal Details;
  • Bodily Functions;
  • Diet;
  • Medications & Supplements;
  • Getting Outside;
  • Social Activities;
  • Your Body (from head to toe!);
  • Your Family History.

Download the Questionnaire

To Complete *ALL* the Questionnaire You Will Need